Hello, but also Goodbye?


My name is Alana, I recently turned 19 after finishing my A levels and I have a very exciting year ahead of me.

I’ve never been entirely sure what I wanted to do with my life; I know what my talents are and where my interests lie but I’ve never been pinned on a particular career path. The one thing I have always known for sure however is that I aspire to travel as much as I can make possible. When I say “I want to see everything“, I truly mean it. But everyone has to start somewhere, and for me I chose a safe, but some have also said brave, option to start me off: for the next 12 months I will be an Au Pair for a lovely couple in New Jersey with two gorgeous children.

I came across this scheme when browsing for gap years and it seemed to be perfect for me. Firstly, I have over four years of childcare experience, I met all their other requirements, and living in the USA for a period of my life was quite literally one of the things on my bucket list. It was also cheap and meant I could earn myself quite a bit of money that I could put toward future travel plans. So I decided to become an Au Pair and went through a lengthy process of application starting with an interview, followed by setting up a huge profile on a website where Au Pairs and host families can match, and then being interviewed by several American families until I was chosen by one who were as keen on me as I was on them.

I’m now all set up and ready with my family, my visa, and my flight, and I leave in two weeks to the day. That doesn’t mean I am completely prepared though: there’s still a lot to think about and get done before I go, so it’ll be a busy two weeks for me. I’m also trying to fit in all my goodbyes which will be the hardest part to do I think!

But I wanted to start up a blog at this stage so that I can post during the preparation period and also describe my thought processes just before I leave. I hope this blog is somewhat entertaining, informative or maybe even inspiring for anyone who feels anything like I did before knowing what I wanted to do post A-levels (of course, feel free to contact me if that’s the case).

Stay tuned, folks.


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